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An Angelcest Rec List

Because what better way to celebrate a religious holiday than with some blasphous incestuous gay porn?

It isn’t easy to convince Lucifer to get on his knees, but when he does, it’s well worth the wait.  Gabriel however, is much easier to convince.

Some lovely porn.

It wasn’t just The Jimmy Incident that made everything go wrong. Lucifer was wrong from the start.

Human AU. This is supplemental material to a Destiel story that I highly recommend you read both because it’ll make this make sense and because its really good too. This fic explains Castiel’s fucked up family and its so good.

His entire body is thrumming with heat and a toneless song that he can only qualify as joy and it’s the closest to Heaven he’s felt since he became human.

AU where the archangels become human. This is a wonderful porny companion piece to Zekass’s Human AU which is awesome and has every combination of all four archangels and the only reason it doesn’t have its own entry in this rec list is because it isn’t finished yet. You don’t really have to read it to read this, but you should anyway.

 "You promise you won’t let me fall?"

Gen fic, really, but a lovely, heartbreaking moment between Michael and Lucifer

  • Trial By Fire - unrequated Michael/Lucifer - PG-16 - ~2000 words

"Luci…oh, little Luci…shouldn’t be in here all alone. Where’s big brother?"

Human AU. References to rape. It’s hurty and sad and lovely.

Castiel wasn’t created. He was born.

A different reason for Lucifer’s Fall.

Blood is like grace, just easier to play with.

Not particularly porny, but a bit of blood play.

He’s still a romantic at heart.

A bit of romance because I’m a sucker for it.

Gabe shows Luci what he’s been missing

Lucifer’s a virgin. But a fast learner.

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